About Us

About Nomadic Disc Golf

Nomadic Disc Golf is a company built at the intersection of competitive disc golf and community. Coming out of the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Founded in 2019 by Kelly Zmijewski, a former professional action sports athlete, and Matt Smith, a software developer since before starting high school. Kelly and Matt, being long time friends and like-minded entrepreneurs, took a step back from their day to day to build what they thought was lacking in the community.

Nomadic Disc Golf gives the players the ability to choose which disc fits their style the best. Never before has there been such a simple and intuitive online shopping experience for disc golfers. Choose exactly which color suits your style!

We are all nomads in disc golf, travelling course to course to find the next challenge. Nomadic DG isn’t just a local store, but nationwide for the nomad in you.

Our office address ( THIS IS NOT A RETAIL LOCATION! ) is 95 Oak St. Suite 111, Wyandotte Michigan, 48192. The public is NOT welcome here, when we grow into a warehouse soon we will allow public access